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Letterhead Designing

Letterhead Designing

When you communicate directly with clients, customers or new contacts, the content isn't always the first thing they notice it's the presentation. That's why if you're writing a contract, invoice or pitch letter, Letterhead give you the chance to say a whole lot more than what's written on the page.

Receiving an invoice printed on premium paper, customized with your own company design makes a positive impression of the way you do business. Not only that, but your client will feel cared for and special - reassured that you're a true professional and care about every last detail (which they're holding in their hands!).

MOO Letterhead is customizable like all MOO products, which means full color upload on both sides (at no extra cost) and Printfinity; a different image on every sheet in a pack. It's a great way to get noticed too you can put special offers on the back, a product portfolio, or even just a variety of designs in your brand colors.

If you don't have your own logo or imagery, that's fine you can choose from a range of exclusive designs and templates. They've been created to complement matching designs across our print products, giving you the perfect professional package. So no matter how you choose to personalize your designs with MOO Letterhead, you're sure to make an impact more than just words.