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Multimedia Design

Multimedia Design

What is Multimedia Design?

Multimedia Design is very much on the cutting edge of technological and industry developments. As the name suggests, designers working in the field of multimedia use imagery, typography, video, sound and computer-based interactivity to communicate. The field includes basic digital animation, computer graphics, storyboarding and digital interfaces for web design and design for interactivity.

What to expect at Multimedia Design School

As an academic learning programme, part of your studies will require focused research into visual culture and cultural theory as it becomes relevant in the field of multimedia design. This will enable you to position your own thinking as a designer in relation to a broader study of images and how they operate meaningfully in society today.

Areas of employment include interactive design consultancies, advertising agencies, marketing and promotional companies, and television and film production houses.

What courses are available?

Design Centre offers both BA & BA Honours Degree's in Multimedia Design. Follow the links below or download our Programme outline to find out more: